Set up

You may not know at this point what your call volume will be. We will spend time with you planning out the cover required for your business. We will ensure that we have a thorough undertstanding of your business and agree the reception functions you require.

Management information

A full report will be prepared weekly for you. This will be a comprehensive report detailing the busy days and times of each office. We will tailor our charging structure in line with the assessed needs of your business based on the Management information we put together for you.

Transfer charges

Whenever your Intelegent agent transfers calls through to you, we charge 5p per minute to landlines and 18p per minute to mobiles. Whilst this may sound as though it could get expensive, on average, transfer costs equate to 5% of the total scheme charge. However, you may wish to have a bespoke scheme created for you that includes transfer costs, ensuring you have a fixed monthly outgoing according to call volume.

Diverting your calls

Don't worry. We're here to help you with your divert - talking to your line providers and your telecoms engineers if you wish. We'll hold your hand all the way.

Call volume included in scheme Up to 20
Small user package
100 250 500 750 1000
Additional calls £1.80 £1.75 £1.60 £1.50 £1.50 £1.50
Dedicated Intelegent Receptionist tick tick tick tick tick tick
Messages sent via email, text tick tick tick tick tick tick
Out-of-hours voicemail tick tick tick tick tick tick
Full online audit trail of calls tick tick tick tick tick tick
Management report tick tick tick tick tick tick
Monthly subscription
Prices exclude VAT
£25 £150 £375 £725 £1000 £1250

Flexible pricing schemes

Nobody knows exactly what therir call volume will be over the period of a year so we have put in place a flexible pricing scheme that can be adjusted each month. Whenever you feel that you will have a quieter month, tell us and we can move you to a lower package and vice versa, if your calls increase beyond your existing package, then we can advise you of the need to move.

Out-of-hours support - extend your virtual opening hours with Evening and Weekend Call Handling, available at £25 per month per service. Alternatively, gain round-the-clock support for your calls with our 24/7 Cover. This is in addition to your monthly call scheme, available, at £199 per month.

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